Teste *------*

Teste *------*

quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

The new clip of Willow Smith =)

Willow Smith is recording their second single, 21st Century Girl, which should be the most successful and My Hair Whip (which I just heard yesterday '-')
But who gives appeared there: Jackie Chan '-'
Surely will be another great success =)

Byebye ;*

What To Do - Demi Lovato =)
In this link have a great music,of Demi Lovato,check this =D

What to do in the summer =)

there are people who enter homes, but find a bit boring, has nothing to do, I'm posting here to change your opinion =)
During the holidays have many things to do, there are people who travel to the beach, but who does not travel too much can have fun on vacation, even while at home =)

1 - Invite your best friend to eat that bucket of popcorn and watch movies =)

2 - Keep your pj all day, stay lying down reading, playing video games or watching tv, or sleep

3-If you have a brother, he very angry =)
4-enter your twitter, orkut, facebook, my blog =) or get in games like habbo and ourWorld = D

5-for those who want to sunbathe, but one can go to the beach, put a mat or a towel in his garden, and drink plenty of sun =) do not forget the shield!

6-when you're cold, put your clothes more warm, stay down on the couch, take a hot chocolate and you can also invite your friend to sleep in his house, until the night is more fun =)
7 - 1:00 am Go to sleep.
and wake up at 2:00 pm.

8-enter into your blog, if it does not come into my, well you can always read some tips here.
Byebye *


This music is soo cool =)
Listen this music,is very good =D


Boys. .What To Do o.O '

Some girls are giving a hard for the boys. . . wait for the other prince fall from heaven. .
that's why I'm writing here a valuable clue how to win the boys more naturally. .
the boy likes you, you do not gotta stare at him as if he spoke: I ai not in to you. .
but one can also look at him as if he were the only boy on earth or that look: I urgently need you!!
Be friendly with him and talk to him naturally, have only a friendship, it may be that this friendship will grow into something bigger =)

bye-bye ;*

Waka Waka

Waka waka is a dance performed by Shakira, for the World Cup 2010, This Time for Africa, is a nice tune. .
Who has not heard, listen, is very good. .
I loved the dance, and is easy to do. .

Bye-bye ;*